Monday, April 14, 2008

Although I didn't go for the water festival at the Burmese temple (which I should have, ach!), I got splashed at anyway whilst walking back to my house (I live a stone's throw away from the temple). There were many revellers all along the street outside my place, as in I don't believe I've ever seen such a large gathering of foreigners in Penang before. Made me wonder at the amount of foreign workers we have here in Penang itself.
Anyways back to the story.
Suspecting nothing, I was heading back to my house when this guy rushed at me and half-drenched me. Damn near pissed myself. A stranger rushing at me is not something I encounter everyday. So okay, shocked but still alive, I continued walking. Halfway reaching my house, another guy casually tossed water at me. It was somewhat good fun once I realized that they meant no harm.
Note to self: Next year, during the festival, join it, or avoid walking home if getting drenched is not on the agenda. If walking home is necessary, expect to get drenched anyhow and do not wear a white shirt for it will attract unwanted attention from people holding water bottles.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

It was very much a night like this - a cold, sleepless night spent pondering on my future, worrying about tufts of air. Haven't been inspired lately, and those few ideas running about in my head are usually eaten up by exam monsters. In a few weeks my final finals will be over, and there won't be any more days of perpetual slacking. I've been pretty much doing that for the past 22 years of my life anyhow, so a change would be good I suppose.
But anyways, back to the main idea. It was very much a night like this, wondering if the job applications would fall through, that I decided to find out how to apply for my Masters. So I crept out of the warm bed, sat in front of the computer and Googled. I landed in the UM website, and clicked to apply online. Seemed pretty easy. Or so I thought ...
First step, select type of course. Sure! Second, fill in personal details. Fine. Third step, course particulars. Ok. Fourth step (oh what the fuok), fifth step (aw c'mon), sixth step and so on ... I even had to write a sypnopsis of what I want to base my research on. Fine, I can do that. Just a few lines. But here was the final clinch that made me click on the ruby red X on the top righthand corner of my screen with vehemence.
After filling in everything that was required (which took quite some time), I had to print it out (no problem), I had to fork out money for the form (necessary), and I was also required to submit a 1500 word essay regarding my research, including references and so on.
After all that time spent on filling in my particulars, you tell me that you need an essay.
A 1500 word essay.
1500 words.
Fuck. you.

I say give me my chance to prove myself at work. I know that it will be tough, but I feel that it's time. Besides, the thought of 100-page essays gives me the runs.