Friday, January 27, 2012

On Chinese New Year 2012

I went to a place called Opium Den. It's actually a restaurant, and I found the name to be on the same page as Penang's 69 by the beach. Misleading.

That was for dinner, and I paid good money for below-average crispy noodles. I don't want to start the year complaining, but damn, that was one lousy dinner. I had myself a bottle of Tiger beer, the price of which could buy two back home. But then again, I earn in an hour roughly what part-timers in Penang would earn in five. You don't convert, sometimes. For the greater good.

Walking home was fun. I tried to think of a story in my head but I guess I was having too much fun watching my own shadow. I need to get back to writing after a month's break, but I think that my New Year's resolution of writing more might have just jinxed it. Touch wood.

Halfway walking, as usual, Ms. Tan needed to pee. So she popped into a pub on the way back, had an uncomfortable pint of beer, and rushed to use the toilet upstairs. Funny place, this is. They like to put their toilets on the first floor and make you walk up flights of narrow stairs. Sadists, pure and true.

Then, because it was still early, I popped into the library to collect a book I'd reserved. There were about four other people in there, it was pretty empty for a Monday night. Normally, the lack of people and the amount of dark corners would have scared me, but I found it to be pretty cosy. Went against my jittery nature, for sure.

After that, because I didn't feel like being alone on Che Eet, I went to another pub down the road from the Uni. Had another uneventful pint, and retired home.

Sounds pretty sad, I know, compared to what people were probably doing back home. Firecrackers and gambling and stuff. But over here, it's just another night. Like what my Mongol colleague said when I wished her Happy New Year: "It's the New Year? Doesn't feel like it, huh?" On the head, girl!

Oh, and this has been my first post for the year! Dong dong chiang!

Edit: Some guy who used to live in England would have said that I lead a sad life and Manchester's a much better, happening place, but buckaroo, I've been there, and I do not like that place. This hobbit prefers more quiet, picturesque locations.