Friday, July 31, 2009

Yea I know I haven't blogged in some time. So here are some recaps:

Samui was a blast. It's one of those pieces of rugged paradise on earth. Also, Singha beer is really fucking good.

Watching Discovery Channel the other day, I found out that there's a coffee company in the States called Alterra Coffee. There's also a clothes-altering shop in KL called Z-Altera or something like that.

I think I'm handling long-distance well enough. However, it does feel like I'm single again. It's like I'm slowly discovering who I was before. I'm not sure if it's good or it's bad.

To end this miserable recap, nothing life-changing has occured within the past month or so. Which leads me to a thought I had:

Why the term 'seize the moment?' Some people do crazy shit because they say you only live once. I agree with that because reincarnation and heaven and all those life-after-death theories have not been proven yet. So why not try drugs? You only live once after all. Or why not kill somebody? Rape? Mutilate yourself?

Every moment alive, no matter how fucked up it is, is to be treasured somewhat. You don't got to be doing something extraordinary. Driving home from work, I looked at the display clock and it read 17:23, and I thought that I'll never relive Wednesday 29 July 2009, at 17:23 ever again. Should I have been sky-diving or something? Nah, I just wanted to fetch my mom and get home to my 4-month old puppy. It gets boring sometimes, doing the same thing over and over again, but it's never entirely the same.

So next time you think life is meaningless, or next time you think what you're doing is insanely boring, or when you're driving, or when you're taking a dump, or even when you're having the time of your life, try this: think that it won't happen exactly the same again, and perhaps be glad that the shit's gonna be different tomorrow (at least), or be sad that the moment has passed.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not letting this die yet...

//malicious laughter

Well there ain't nothin' to be gettin' your panties in a twist about, dawg. Yo, since Manglish sucks so much, I'ma gonna use Blackglish.

God that sounded horrible in my head.
So yeah, there's been some little debate going on about Manglish being a deteriorant to Malaysians. Here are some links:

This was the icing that made my piss freeze:

Closet Singaporean. Bleh. So here's my reply which The Star didn't publish. Guess it got old. Heh.

I hope this isn't getting old. I refer to the letter 'Say, it will be nice if we aren't proud of Manglish.' I beg to defer, I know of Malays and Indians who use these slang terms of 'lah,' 'mie,' 'ler,' etc. Being Malaysian, I naturally have friends of different races. We all speak in the same way. Matter of fact, I think that 'lah' originates from Malay. I don't know who the writer has been speaking to, but if he were to go out to a mamak stall where your average young adult hangs out at, I think that he'd hear people of all walks and races speaking Manglish.

Again, I beg to defer. These terms are not a sign of being lazy. They add colour to the language. If the writer wants an example of laziness, how about the word 'ain't.' It's a combination of 'is not,' and it's widely accepted all over the world. How about the English 'innit,' which means 'isn't it.' Are these terms okay? Since the writer is in England, I wonder what he thinks of the cockney accent? Does cockney reflect Londoners as lazy and, well, confusing? I doubt it.

As for his Singaporean experience, I am glad for him that he got to hear Singaporean children speaking in perfect, impeccable English, and I regret to hear that Singaporeans are losing their Singlish. Phua Chu Kang was definitely funnier when he was speaking Singlish.

Also, I don't think that our children will have any difficulties learning proper English. As long as our English teachers continue teaching the language correctly, I think that children will grow up being able to discern when to speak Manglish and when to speak proper English.

To end it, I think that Manglish reflects on us as a bunch of creative, colourful people who know the language well enough to add jargons of our own. English is after all a second language to us. I'm appaled by the writer for implying that we Malaysians are lazy and lack morals for speaking Manglish. To the Malaysian reading this: Do you think you're any less a person for speaking Manglish?