Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My grandmother passed away last weekend, she was the dearest old lady in the world who would have been content just by watching you enjoy her cooking.
Because of the close date to Chinese New Year, only a pathetic handful of relatives came to the wake. The other relatives who would visit us during CNY, who came to eat her food every year, who complimented her skills in the kitchen and had plate after plate of rice, never showed.
Makan time, don't pantang. Mati time, pantang sial.
Well, I very pantang these relatives now. Sometimes, you say FUCK YOU to some traditions and show up to pay your respects as members of the family. Fucking useless.
But you know what? My grandma would have just said nevermind-lah, it's tradition-mah, cannot be angry at them, they are just following rules.
I feel sorry for a lot of relatives (especially the closest ones) who never knew her love, who never had the chance to spend time with her and listen to her sound advice. You missed out on a helluva woman.
And to those relatives who never showed up at the wake or funeral because they pantang, I understand it's Chinese superstition, but fuck you anyways.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I shall from now on call men and women with humongous eyes goldfishes.

bulub bulub
Let me tell you about getting a tattoo. It fucking hurts.
I got my first tattoo ten days ago. Prior to that, everyone said, no-lah, it doesn't hurt-lah. Little did I know that I was being deceived.
It hurt like someone was trying to scratch your skin out over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.
I suppose that my pain threshold is quite low. There was another guy getting this big ass intricate tattoo on his arm and he looked like there was nothing to it, happily reading lau foo choo comic (the one with the tall guy, the spectacled guy and the short, fat guy).
Not painful wan, nothing wan.
Don't believe it! It really, really hurts!
But it's so pretty, it's worth the damn pain =]

Monday, January 19, 2009

living around a dying person, you have to tiptoe up the stairs, around the house. you have to feign ignorance at the person's suffering, try not to cry and instead put her in a corner of your mind. you have to bear the weary and disgruntled faces of relatives who visit, try to be of comfort and help when you can. you have to try to outrun the memories of the person when she was well, because they hurt so much when you see her in this state.
most of all, you have to bear the thought that there is a dying person sleeping in the room underneath yours, and there is nothing you can do to alleviate the person's pain.

Not all happy

Meanwhile, some Tanjung Bungah residents are appealing to the Chief Minister to reconsider his decision to make Penang a wireless state.
Housewife Grace Ang, 51, said she is not against such technology but she is against it blanketing the whole state.
“The technology is good but schools, playgrounds, residential areas and hospitals should be spared as we do not know of its side effects.
“Penangites should be given the choice to decide whether they want it or not,” she said during a forum with other residents at the Tanjung Bungah market, also on Sunday.
Ang said a Tanjung Bungah Anti-Wireless State Committee will soon be formed to to educate the residents about the issue through talks and campaigns.

Eh, bodoh. Most hospitals now are wifi zones lah. Schools SHOULD have wifi in the first place. Scared playground and residential areas got wifi? Why? Scared your son download porn? Don't worry lah auntie, connection too slow to download lah. Who the fuck is gonna bring their fucking laptop to the playground in the first place? For fuck's sake! And you should worry more about the radiation or what-the-fuck-ever it is that's coming from your shiny microwave which you willingly bought if that's the issue. Penangites should be given a choice to decide whether we want to live around dungus like these. I should start a Penang Anti-Jackasses State Committee. People are bringing good technology to your bloody doorstep and you *manyswearwords* want to protest. I want to petition to deport these *swearwords* to Singapore.