Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Facebook laziness (Google is right at your fingertips):

Today is the first time ever that I've seen l'Arc de Triomphe spelt as 'Arche le Droume.' WTF is that? Sounds like the sneeze of a dromedary camel.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My colleague recently sent me a link to, a website which shows some of the dumbest Facebook postings ever.

Reading all those horrible, horrible status updates, I'm reminded of my village Facebook idiot. Shitforbrains can't spell, has no sense of grammar, and she's doing her Masters in English.

If Shitforbrains is reading this, yes, I mean you. Please stop updating your status with anal-repulsive comments.

Here are some examples:

... agrrrrrrrr........ work longer than me but what also like dunno ***VOMITS BLOOD*** and hv to keep asking me, "What to do?", "Who to ask for the fillings?", etc etc, etc.... ANNOYING wen myself adi vry busy....... grrrrrrr...... wanna BOOM!!!!!

note: some of her colleagues are on her friends list. and 'wanna BOOM!!!!'? good god wtf is that.

... had the worst dinner ever... Chinese food a.k.a come out WORST THAN MALAY FOOD!!!

note: Malay food is good okay. you have the worst taste buds ever.

... it's either to froze the soup or totally forget abt flying it there?

note: it's 'freeze' you dipshit you making me shit a brick

... head feels so empty at the moment.

note: whaddaya mean 'at the moment'? it's always empty!

.. is................................................

note: ..........................................................

... the hardest word for me to bare is always "Goodbye" and at times it makes it depressing.

note: yes, she's doing her Masters in English. I fear for our children.

... sprained her rite angkle >.<

note: Masters in English FFS! MASTERS! how the fuck did she even pass her MUET??

... is longing for the belonging of the longing...

note: WTF?

... feels like having thorns in the throat.

note: be my guest

... is enjoying her Sunday morning at Boarder's Starbucks... ^.^

note: christ, she can't even spell the freaking bookstore!

Most of her updates revolve around how sleepy she is, how she wants to go back to sleep, how she needs more sleep, which goes to prove that she's just a pig that can type.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

True story

I remembered this incident after watching a video of a brave dog saving another dog that got hit by a car on a busy road.
I saw a 4-wheel drive run over a goat.
A goat. Not a dog, not a cat, but a freakin' goat.
This was along Bagan Jermal road, in front of the fire station. The goat was trying to cross the road (it's a dumb goat after all) and the 4-wheel drive didn't even bother to slow down and just WHAMPOW right into it.
Poor goat. After getting run over by the blindass dumbass driver, I figured its legs were probably broken as it was just lying on the road, still alive, bleating its heart out.
I thought about stopping to help it, but what could I have done? I don't eat kambing, anyway.
But goddamn, the driver ran over a goat!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Typhoon, tsunami, earthquake, global epidemic. Not to start the apocalypse nonsense, but it is getting steadily scarier.
So if the world ends tomorrow, I want everyone to know that I love you, and I never meant to hurt you with malicious, wicked intentions. I'm sorry for any trespasses, and I love you.