Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I don't understand girls calling their friends or themselves bitches, that sorta thing. You know how it goes. They see each other and go 'Bitchesssss!' 'I missed you, bitch!' 'How's my bitch been?'
You don't hear guys calling each other 'Hey dickwad, what's up?' or ''Sup, my asshole?' or even 'Haven't seen you in a while, prick!' (the proper response would be 'Dude, just look down, or did yours drop off?')

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another rant about non-smokers

Recently I was in a mall, smoking outside the door with my colleagues when this woman passed by and started waving her hand frantically in front of her nose.
I wanted to put my cigarette out in her eye.
Today I watched the Reckless Tortuga PSA about non-smokers, and was tempted to read the comments regarding the video (still can't make up my mind about the tone of the video).
There was lot of garbage about second hand smoke.
Okay, I understand it smells bad, like b.o. It's rude to tell someone you don't really know that they stink. It's just not very nice. But to say that we're giving you cancer because you inhale that second hand smoke everytime you pass by, or if you're unfortunately downwind, then I suggest you never walk by the road side because oh man those fumes from exhausts burning gas and chemicals and whatnot are really bad for you too.
Don't fucking drive a car you idiot. Matter of fact, don't take buses too because you'll be supporting smog and noxious gasses. I could say, keep your car away from me, you're killing my lungs I don't want to smell third hand smoke nooooo car drivers are such murderers!
You know what? They should put pictures of aborted babies and black lungs on the sides of vehicles too. I might just start a campaign.
Idiots who bitch. Bandwagonners.