Friday, October 8, 2010

More dreams

More randomness. I dreamt of being somewhere in America (because that's where things like this happen), wide-leaved trees, and a small town. I dreamt of being inside a random old man's house, and there was this wicked strong wind blowing outside. He asked us (there were several of us, although I cannot remember if I actually know these people in real life) to go inside the tornado shelter underground because the wind was so strong it was ripping young trees off the ground. The shelter was connected to his neighbour from across the street's shelter. Then I woke up, mumbling something like 'Ignore.' Weird. Just had to put this down in words, because I will forget about it.

Friday, October 1, 2010

How I ended up dreaming of being on a cruise ship and getting stranded on a rock, almost being eaten by a bright blue Mako shark, and a hot Italian guy saving me and serving me dinner on said cruise ship.

Earlier in the day:

I was marking an essay my 10-year old student wrote about his holiday. He spent it on a cruise ship with his family.

I was looking through some Facebook profiles, and came across this Italian dude who looked like an Adonis. Also had pictures of his fab body in speedos. Nice.

The shark was totally random. Bright blue, at that.