Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A few months after the hype, I've finally been brainwashed by our local radio into liking and even downloading the song Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. And I can't stop listening to it, dammit!
Work's so far been trainingtrainingtraining, and it feels like school!

we're one and each other

Monday, June 2, 2008

My first day of work and I actually forgot to bring my handphone. God.
Genius Tan indeed.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I start work in less than 10 hrs, and this means no more sleeping at 3am and waking up past noon. Woe! It's exciting though, but lotsa people tell me that very soon I'll be so sick of it. Oh dear. Let's just enjoy the feeling of anticipation for now, and dread it later.
No more lotsa things, eg. afternoon naps, slacking around (which I've been doing for the past month), spending like money drops from heaven, etc etc. Shucks.
On a side note, this trip to KL was quite fun despite a few worries from someone who was afraid that I might be bored. I got to watch a guy down 10 bottles of vitagen without puking, with a sort of agreement that next time he'd try to down 15. It's not easy, downing lotsa vitagen. Guaranteed diarrhea, if not immediate puking.
Best of all, I spent the weekend with the most precious, most patient darling, and I couldn't be any happier.