Monday, September 15, 2008

I went for dinner at a kopitiam and because it was packed, I sat next to these three youngsters. Two girls and a guy. The next 20 minutes were excrutiating, I wanted to stab them with my spoon.
First off, the two girls spoke with accents. One of them spoke with an awh-ful English accent, while the other was trying (poor soul) to pull off an American one.
The English accent girl sounded slightly authentic, as if she grew up in England. Till she said that 'Oh in Russia the people overthrew the monarchy and killed their king. In England, the people never did such a thing.'
And I'm not even English. Thank you Edward Rutherfurd for writing London. I've learnt a lot.
Aiyoh, you nono England history don't talk so much laaaah....... Your mouth must be so tired trying to immitate the stiff upper lip riiiight.... Cannot shy ar...... pretending to be foreign but don't know jackshit......
The other girl was just .. sad. I label her as one of those who speak with an accent after a 2 hour transit. Oh, she also doesn't really fancy Mousy Dong. Thanks for sharing, twat.