Monday, July 14, 2008

What I miss most about student life is skipping class and waking up to the click clack of mahjong tiles. Going downstairs knowing that lunch will be ready. Alternating between playing dota against AI (yes very sad I know but screw yooooouuu!!), watching something on channels 551/552/555/556 or taking a nap.
Which is why I love public holidays. Rotting at home is da bomb!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Driving in Penang, Part I - Motorbikes.

I've been meaning to blog about this for a few months now but didn't really get down to it till today. Here goes.
Driving in Penang is a real asshole. It's one of the worst things on earth, I imagine. If there's one reason to ban motorcycles, it's Penang motorcyclists. They weave in and out of traffic, think they're invincible and carry a trillion motorists' curses on their back. If you bang them, you're wrong. If they bang you, you're wrong too. Catch-22 at its sweetest.
They never indicate, they wait right in front of the line at traffic lights and when the light turns green, they take their own sweet time to move. They ride in the middle of lanes like they are driving trucks, they carry one passenger, 4 children and an ironing board all at the same time. They jump lights, they get violent on you, they gang up on you, the list goes on. You really, really think, where are the police? If their excuse is they can't catch these motocyclists, then I would like to get me a motorbike, go around robbing people knowing that Hey, the police won't be able to catch me. I'm pretty much kingpin! Stupid excuse. However, the police aren't entirely to blame, although if law enforcement was more stringent like in other countries especially the superkiasu one down south, these errant motorcyclists wouldn't even dare to carry a kettle whilst riding.
Continuing on the train of thought, the police aren't entirely to blame. It's the mentality of these people who break the law and have entirely no regard for other motorists. They have the brain of a chicken. Yes, it's true and proven. These people are dumb. To those law abiding, sane motorcyclists, hallelujah! you're one of the few.
They're talking abt enforcing seatbelts for the backseat, I suggest that these people come to Penang, take a look at the motorcyclists carrying 5 pillon riders plus a ladder or what have you, and decide which they should enforce first: seatbelts or law for motorcyclists.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

As you grow older, things begin to change. A few years back, someone wrote me a romantic poem titled 'For Julia.' Now, the only thing I get which is titled 'For Julia' is a 54-page attachment regarding some fuddy duddy terms I don't understand.