Friday, September 25, 2009

I have a few Indian friends who like calling their friends by the name of a food, ie. capati. It sounds fine, though. It's cute. I don't mind being called capati.
However, imagine if I were to call my friends by the name of a type of Chinese food.

"Hey, Hokkien Mee. What you doing?"


"Eh Char Siu Pau, how are you?"

Nope, doesn't work.
I guess I kinda envy those who never seem to stop studying. Those my age, I mean. I had no choice but to rush through my varsity life because I didn't want to be stuck in a place that didn't really inspire me. I see people I know who are in private colleges, usually abroad, who are still doing the same course after so many years. They never seem to finish studying! It's understandable if it's medicine or their Masters/PHD, but a BA in Arts? I didn't know that it was necessary to spend 6 years pursuing a degree in Communications. Why finish so fast, and begin the next part of your life? I suppose if you can afford to, you can put graduation off. Silly me, to have been working for more than a year already. I should have just failed and failed in USM. I mean, the fees weren't expensive, and I could still be slacking about.
Sigh. I'm just jealous that my daddy wasn't rich enough to afford any failure in my education. But the idea of me being 24 and still trying to get my first degree is a little embarrasing. Just a little.

My very special birthday

This year I received all the best gifts ever, and I feel so thankful and lucky that at 1.45am on a Thursday morning I feel the strong urge to blog about it and share my happiness with everyone.

My dad got me a new car player - because the old set was spoilt. The new one can play mp3 too! Not only that, he changed the speakers as well, so now I can blast music and feel the boom boom boom.

My mom got me a cross pendant - because I want to protect myself against vampires. Well actually it's to remind me of my faith, and to remind me to have faith not only in god, but in those around me too.

My colleagues got me a bottle of l'Occitane perfume - because it smells di-vine! I can't stop smelling myself, it just smells so damn good.

My friends got me two sets of bra from Triumph - because I really needed those and now I can throw away my chapelak RM10 ones.

Larry got me a wallet from Braun Buffel - because my old wallet which was originally white in colour turned into this disgusting shade of gray. I love the feel of soft leather encasing my money.

My relatives gave me ang pau - because one can never complain about being given money.

My auntie got me a Coach bag - because she just loves spoiling us rotten with branded goods. I screamed like a kid during Christmas when I saw it.

Stuff of dreams!

Now, just one present left from my sister. Hoho, can't wait!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Other Woman

Today on the way to work, Mix fm was having a discussion about the other woman. They invited callers who were actually in that situation to share their feelings.
Now I've always disapproved of men cheating on their partners. They can say that they were drunk and the girl threw herself on him. Whatever. If you know that you can't drink and stay faithful, then don't fucking drink in the first place. No excuses are acceptable.
But anyway, there was this caller who said that she's been in a relationship with a married man for 2 years. 2 whole fucking years.
She said she thought that he really loves her. That he treats her nicely. That his wife mistreats him, that's why he needs to seek solace elsewhere.
*claps right palm against left fist*
What utter bullshit. The classic line: "My wife isn't good to me. She doesn't know me very well. She doesn't understand me. She doesn't treat me as good as you do."
Hello, it's called counselling. If that don't work, it's called a DIVORCE.
That being said, I know married men who keep a woman on the sidelines. Thing is, no matter how 'badly' their wives mistreat them, they still never leave her. I don't buy the bad treatment in the first place, so I guess it's just a male instinct to plant their seeds wherever they can. Some men are more developed than others, so they can resist this instinct. Others just want to expand their herd. The whole have the cake and eat it thing.
And these other women, they are so fucking stupid. Men will never leave their wives for you! It happens, but only what, 1 out of 20 cases in which the man will actually get a divorce? My advice to you dimwits: Get a man of your own. Sharing isn't caring in this case. Quit being such a whore. He treats you like a queen, says he loves you and only you, gets you gifts and shares his worries with you. But you know what? At the end of the day, when he has to go back to his wife and kids, you still sleep alone at night.
I don't pity dumb pussy.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I was driving back from lunch today, when I had to stop at the traffic lights. When the light turned green, this big black pretty heavily tinted SangYong next to me suddenly cut into my lane without even signalling. This irritated me some, so I honked him. I guess he wasn't too happy about it, this puny Myvi giving him a honk, so he stepped on the breaks and purposely slowed down whilst I was behind him. This irritated me somemore, so I honked him again and cut into the other lane. He swerved into my lane again and slowed down even more.
I lost my marbles at that second.
I knew he was looking at the rearview mirror because I could see the bobbing shadow of his head, so I gave him several claps and a very big thumbs up sign. One good thing about heavily tinted cars is that they can give me the finger all they want but I won't be able to see it. The only way for me to see it is for them to wind down the window, but I guess it would be too troublesome then. So yes, tinting your car is good when you want to dig your nose without the rest of the world seeing you doing it, but not good when you want to give someone the finger.
After that, Mr Supermassive Ego took the turning to the right whilst I took the turning to the left.
So boys and girls, driving a tinted Korean 4-wheel drive does not make you god of the roads. If I'm not mistaken, the number plate was PHD29. But I could be. So if you know someone with that number plate, but isn't driving a chapelak Korean car (like me), do apologize on my behalf.